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Bartizan is known for the best quality non electronic credit card imprinter. Very useful during power failure, serves as a back-up. Our biggest customer is American Express.

CM-2010 BARTIZAN ChargeMate 2010

The ChargeMate 2010, the flagship of the Bartizan line of imprinters, is in use at millions of merchant locations worldwide. The combination of a zinc die-cast imprint carriage, an extruded aluminum base and engineering grade plastic components assures that your merchants will get the world's best performing imprinter. The attractively styled ChargeMate 2010 offers generous areas along each side of the skirt for your promotional message. Virtually every customer at a point of sale, whether purchasing by credit card or cash, will see your message. Dimension: 31 cm X 15.2 cm X 9 cm. Weight: 0.97 kg.

CM-2020 BARTIZAN ChargeMate 2020

Employs the same imprint mechanism used in the ChargeMate 2010. Made from extruded aluminum imprint surface. The reduced-weight design of the ChargeMate 2020 delivers a premium imprinter at an economical price. Lower weight means reduced shipping cost. Dimension: 33 cm X 15.2 cm X 8.25 cm. Weight: 0.865 kg.

CM-2030 BARTIZAN ChargeMate 2030

The ChargeMate 2030 is the compact version of Bartizan's popular ChargeMate 2020. As with the ChargeMate 2020, the ChargeMate 2030 offers many of the features and benefits found in Bartizan's top-of-the-line ChargeMate 2010. Dimension: 25.4 cm X 15.2 cm X 8.25 cm. Weight: 0.835 kg.

CM-2040 BARTIZAN ChargeMate 2040

Visa and MasterCard regulations require a credit card imprint whenever a credit card account number is manually entered. Failure to comply may result in a chargeback. ChargeMate 2040 is the ideal backup for your electronic point-of-sale terminal. It reduces your forms costs. It reduces labor at the point-of-sale. Its compact design reduces counterspace requirements by 20% or more over conventional imprinters. The ChargeMate 2040 has the same reliable features found in millions of Bartizan imprinters in use around the world today. In life cycle tests Bartizan imprinters deliver over a million trouble-free impressions. Dimension: 25.4cm X 15.2 cm X 8.25 cm. Weight: 0.835 kg.

CM-4000 BARTIZAN ChargeMate 4000

Attractively and ergonomically designed, the ChargeMate 4000 was developed with your merchants in mind. The opening on the right side of frame can be used as a handle or to hang on wall when not in use. The CardSaverä card guide prevents bowed or bent credit cards from jamming or breaking during imprint. No more merchant screws or lock nuts to fiddle with; station plates are secured with plastic retainers which will not strip or rust. Dimension: 31cm X 15.2 cm X 8.43 cm. Weight: 0.85 kg.


Portable Model Minimate BARTIZAN Minimate

Bartizan's MiniMate is a precision-crafted, compact portable imprinter. Its size makes it perfect for mobile transactions: fuel delivery, taxis and limousines, automobile road service, anytime or anyplace where portability is essential. Accommodates all standard credit cards and sales forms. Available optional carrying case. Dimension: 16.51 cm X 11.43 cm X 3.81 cm. Weight: 0.4 kg.

Multimate BARTIZAN Multimate

Ideal for Healthcare, Automotive dealerships, retail applications with large forms. Transfers information from an embossed card to virtually any kind of form-plain paper, carbon interleaved, NCR paper- of almost any size. The Multimate is a compact imprinter that accepts standard and non-standard documents. Accommodates standard CR-80 credit cards.

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